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PREPTLY: Digital SAT® Prep App

Are you looking for the best daily practice digital SAT resource? Do you want more SAT practice questions aside from College Board’s Bluebook Exams or Khan Academy?

Unlock over 1000 exclusive daily SAT practice questions from the palm of your hand, with more being added in regularly. Prep for both the SAT math and SAT English sections, with questions that are just like those in College Board’s BlueBook Exams! Best of all, Preptly is an app for your mobile device and tablet, so you can prep on the go – whenever and wherever you want.

Unlock over 1000 Unique Questions

AI-powered and manually curated by an expert in the field of test prep, the questions test the same concepts as those on the real Digital SAT.

Improve Your Skills

With practice drills segmented by question category, timed quizzes, and detailed answer explanations, you can gain mastery of each type of question on the test!

Have Fun Prepping

Take prepping to the next level with gamification features that include earning coins and leaderboards to make prepping fun.

Why we are the best

Find our our special unique features

We’ve gone over everything you could possibly need. You are one step closer to success on the new Digital SAT.

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