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PREPTLY: Digital SAT Prep 2023

Are you looking for the best digital SAT practice questions aside from College Board’s Bluebook Exams or Khan Academy?

With the Preptly App, you can unlock over 500 new digital SAT practice questions, with more being added in regularly. Prep for both the SAT math and SAT English sections, with questions that are just like those on the real digital SAT exam! Best of all, it’s a mobile app so you can prep on the go in smaller increments, mastering each type of question, one category at a time.

Download our app today, take our skills assessment, and get a customized SAT prep study plan to get a higher Digital SAT score in no time!

Unlock Hundreds of Questions

AI-powered and manually curated by an expert in the field of test prep, the questions test the same concepts as those on the real Digital SAT.

Improve Your Skills

With practice drills segmented by question category, timed quizzes, and detailed answer explanations, you can gain mastery of each type of question on the test!

Have Fun Prepping

Take prepping to the next level with gamification features that include earning coins and leaderboards to make prepping fun.

Why we are the best

Find our our special unique features

We’ve gone over everything you could possibly need. You are one step closer to success on the new Digital SAT.

❤️ Unlock Hundreds of AI-Powered, Manually Curated Digital SAT Questions

🤓 Sharpen Your Skills with Question Category Drills and Timed Quizzes in English or Math

✨ Access Easy-to-Understand Answer Explanations for Helpful Guidance

🔥 Receive a Customized Study Plan Based on Your Individual Needs

🤑Collect coins for successfully completing exercises to earn a spot on the Preptly Leaderboard

🥷 Master the Art of the Test and Achieve Greatness

Laura Whitmore, owner of Strategic Test Prep, designed Preptly with a group of developers so that her students could have access to additional questions to prep for the new digital SAT. She hosts a popular YouTube Channel called Strategic Test Prep. Check out this video for a Preptly feature!

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